Invited Review talks

Anthony B. Davis, 3D radiative transfer in the atmosphere
Oleg Dubovik, Solving inverse problems in polarimetric remote sensing
Claudia Emde, IRC polarized radiative transfer model intercomparison
Mathieu Francoeur, Near-field electromagnetic energy transport
Javier García de Abajo, Plasmonics: a review
F. Michael Kahnert, Numerically exact solvers of macroscopic Maxwell equations
James A. Lock, Debye series analysis of scattering by a multilayer sphere
Daniel W. Mackowski, Multi-sphere solution of macroscopic Maxwell equations
Philip Marston, James Clerk Maxwell: life and science
M. Pinar Menguc, Optics helps design sustainable buildings and cities
Michael I. Mishchenko, Statistical electromagnetics
Dr. Hans Moosmüller, Aerosol Optics, Radiative Forcing and Climate Change
Karri O. Muinonen, Polarization of light scattered by planetary surfaces
Tom Rother, Violation of a Bell-like inequality by a combination of Rayleigh scattering with a Mach-Zehnder interferometry
Ping Yang, Light scattering by ice crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere
Maxim Yurkin, The discrete dipole approximation - the jack of all light trades